Nernst N2001 oxygen analyzer

Short Description:

Single Channel Oxygen Analyzer: One oxygen analyzer can be connected to a oxygen probe to display the measured oxygen content in real time.

The oxygen measurement range is 0 to 100% oxygen.

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Application range

The Nernst N2001 oxygen analyzer is widely used in the detection of oxygen content in the combustion process of electric power, metallurgy, steel, chemical industry, ceramics, incineration, etc.It can also directly monitor the oxygen content in the flue gas of boilers, kilns, sintering furnaces, heating furnaces, pit annealing furnaces, etc. during or after combustion.During the measurement, the temperature in the furnace and the flue can be from normal temperature to 1400°C high temperature.The oxygen analyzer provides real-time oxygen content O2% (percentage) parameters and oxygen potential millivolt values in the furnace or flue.

Technical characteristics

 Input function: One oxygen analyzer can be connected to a oxygen probe to display the measured oxygen content in real time.

Multi-channel output control: the analyzer has one 4-20mA current output and network communication interface RS485.

 Measurement range: The oxygen measurement range is 0 to 100% oxygen.

Alarm setting: The analyzer has 1 general alarm output and 3 programmable alarm outputs.

 Automatic calibration: The analyzer has an automatic calibration function, and the user can customize the calibration time and number of calibrations according to their needs.

• Automatic dust cleaning: The analyzer has the function of automatically cleaning the probe. The user can clean the probe regularly according to the needs, eliminating the need for manual on-site dust cleaning.

Intelligent system: The analyzer can complete the functions of various settings according to the predetermined settings.

• Display output function: The analyzer can display the date, current oxygen content, probe temperature, current oxygen millivolt value and 14 first-level status displays and 11 second-level status displays.

 Safety function: When the furnace is out of use, the user can control to turn off the heater of the probe to ensure safety during use.

 Installation is simple and easy: the installation of the analyzer is very simple and there is a special cable to connect with the zirconia probe.



One zirconia oxygen probes or sensors


Linear 4~20mA DC

Display mode

128×64 dot liquid crystal display

Probe heating method

PID control

Standard gas calibration

The analyzer has an automatic calibration function.


High and low oxygen alarms can be set arbitrarily.


± 1% of the actual oxygen reading with a repeatability of 0.5%.

Reaction rate

Indirect heating measurement is about 3 seconds

Direct heating in 30 seconds

Core detection reaction speed: 0.0001s

Range of Local Indication

0 to 100% Oxygen

Serial/Network Interface



Reference gas

There is a miniature brushless motor vibration pump in the analyzer for reference gas.

Power Ruireqements

85VAC to 264VAC 3A

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature -25°C to 55°C

Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Degree of Protection


IP54 with internal reference air pump

Dimensions and Weight

300mm W x 180mm H x 100mm D 2.5kg

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