Nernst N2035 water vapour analyzer

Short Description:

Dual Channel Water vapour Analyzer: one analyzer can measure two channels of oxygen or high-temperature water vapor/humidity at the same time.

Measurement range: 1ppm~100% oxygen content,0~100% water vapor,-50°C~100°C dew point value,and water content (g/kg).


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In-situ Water Vapour Analysis in High Humidity Applications 

Application range

The Nernst N2035 water vapour analyzer is suitable for the paper industry, textile industry, construction industry, food processing industry and various industrial production involving materials or finished products that need to be dried in the process of water vapor or humidity testing and control.
After using the N2035 water vapour analyzer, it can save a lot of energy and improve the quality of the product.

Application characteristics

After using the Nernst water vapour analyzer, you can accurately know the water vapor (% water vapor value), dew point value (-50°C100°C), water content (g/KG) and humidity value (RH) in the drying furnace or the ambient atmosphere in the drying room.The user can control the drying time and timely control the discharge of saturated water vapor according to the display of the instrument or two 4-20mA output signals, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling product quality and saving energy.

Technical characteristics

 Dual-channel probe measurement: 1 analyzer can measure 2 channels of oxygen or high-temperature water vapor/humidity at the same time.

Multi-channel output control: The analyzer has two 4-20mA current output and computer communication interface RS232 or network communication interface RS485

 Measurement range:

1ppm~100% oxygen content, 0~100% water vapor, -50°C~100°C dew point value, and water content (g/kg).

Alarm setting: The analyzer has 1 general alarm output and 3 programmable alarm outputs.

 Automatic calibration: The analyzer will automatically monitor various functional systems and automatically calibrate to ensure the accuracy of the analyzer during measurement.

• Intelligent system: The analyzer can complete the functions of various settings according to the predetermined settings.

• Display output function: The analyzer has a strong function of displaying various parameters and a strong output and control function of various parameters.

 Features: The analyzer can directly measure the water vapor or humidity value in the drying oven or drying room during combustion.



HWV water vapour oxygen probe

Display method

32-bit English digital display


• 2 channels 4~20mA DC linear

• Humidity

• Temperature

• Oxygen content

• 4 way program alarm relay

• RS232 serial communication

• RS485 network communication

Measuring range

0~100% water vapor

0~100% humidity


-50°C~100°C dew point

All output ranges are adjustable.econdary Parameter Display

Output full amplitude and lower limit

The full range and lower limit can be freely selected according to user requirements to achieve the highest accuracy

ary Parameter Display

AlarmsParameter Display

There are 14 general alarms with different functions and 3 programmable alarms. It can be used for warning signals such as the level of oxygen content, probe errors and measurement errors.


± 1% of the actual oxygen reading with a repeatability of 0.5%. For example, at 2% oxygen the accuracy would be ±0.02% oxygen.

Serial/Network Interface



Reference gas

Reference gas adopts micro-motor vibration pump

Power Ruireqements

85VAC to 240VAC 3A

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature -25°C to 55°C

Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Degree of Protection


IP54 with internal reference air pump

Dimensions and Weight

300mm W x 180mm H x 100mm D 3kg

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