Nernst NP32 portable trace oxygen analyzer

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The analyzer has built-in high-precision zirconia sensor.

The oxygen measurement range is 10-30 to 100% oxygen.

The analyzer has two 4-20mA current output and computer communication interface RS232 or network communication interface RS485.

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The Nernst NP32 portable trace oxygen analyzer is the latest micro-oxygen analyzer designed and manufactured for the microelectronics industry.

The analyzer is used in vacuum welding furnaces, chip manufacturing in the electronics industry, biomedicine industry, bright annealing furnaces for precision parts, high-strength alloy tool coating processing equipment, etc., as well as processes that require oxygen control on various small equipment.The analyzer adopts the long-life, high-precision zirconia sheet structure principle, which can effectively measure micro-oxygen, and the measured micro-oxygen content can reach 10-30% ~ 100% oxygen content. It is especially suitable for equipment and processes with strict requirements for product process oxygen content control.

The NP32 portable trace oxygen analyzer provides real-time content of O2% (percentage) of flue gas in the furnace or flue gas and 12 other useful parameters.

The NP32 portable trace oxygen analyzer is also suitable for various other fields that need to measure high-precision oxygen content.

Technical characteristics

 Oxygen probe sensor: Built-in high-precision flake zirconia sensor.

Multi-channel output control: The analyzer has two 4-20mA current output and computer communication interface RS232 or network communication interface RS485.

 Measurement range: The oxygen measurement range is 10-30 to 100% oxygen.

 Oxygen display unit: Percentage content% , PPM method , Scientific notation E-X% automatic conversion.

Alarm setting: The analyzer has 1 general alarm output and 3 programmable alarm outputs.

 Automatic calibration: The analyzer has an automatic calibration function, and the user can customize the calibration time and number of calibrations according to their needs.

• Intelligent system: The analyzer can complete the functions of various settings according to the predetermined settings.

• Display output function: The analyzer has a strong function of displaying various parameters and a strong output and control function of various parameters.

 Safety function: When the furnace is out of use, the user can control to turn off the heater of the probe to ensure safety during use.

 Installation : The analyzer is integrated and convenient, no installation required.



• Built-in zirconia probe (oxygen sensor)

• Flue or spare thermometer type K, R, J, S type

• Pressure gas purge signal input

• Choice of two different fuels

• Safe operation control (only for heated probes)


Two linear 4~20mA DC output

(Maximum load 1000Ω)

• The first output range (optional)

Linear output 0~1% to 0~100% oxygen content

Logarithmic output 0.1-20% oxygen content

Micro-oxygen output 10-25 to 10-1 oxygen content

• The second output range (can be selected from the following)



Probe output voltage

carbon dioxide


flue temperature

Logarithmic oxygen

micro oxygen

Secondary Parameter Display

• Flammability

• Hypoxia

• Probe output voltage

• Carbon dioxide

• Efficient

• Flue temperaturefficient

• Probe temperature

• Probe impedance

• Ambient temperature

• Environment humidity

• Date

• Operation and maintenance time

Dust cleaning and standard gas calibration

The analyzer has 1 channel for dust removal and 1 channel for standard gas calibration or 2 channels for standard gas calibration output relays, and a solenoid valve switch that can be operated automatically or manually.

ary Parameter Display

AlarmsParameter Display

There are 14 general alarms with different functions and 3 programmable alarms. It can be used for warning signals such as the level of oxygen content, probe errors and measurement errors.


± 1% of the actual oxygen reading with a repeatability of 0.5%.

For example, at 2% oxygen the accuracy would be ±0.02% oxygen.

Range of Local Indication

1.0 x 10-30% to 100% Oxygen

Serial/Network Interface

The analyzer has an RS232 or RS485 serial output port that can be directly connected to a computer terminal or printer, and the probe and analyzer can be diagnosed through the computer.

Reference gas

There is a miniature brushless motor vibration pump in the analyzer for reference gas.

Power Ruireqements

85VAC to 264VAC 3A

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature -25°C to 55°C

Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Dimensions and Weight

300mm W x 220mm H x 320mm D 2.5kg

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